How Do Most Poker Pros Stay “In Shape?” Playing Online

If you’re one of the millions of people who play poker online, you’re probably familiar with the online pros who always seem to be playing at their peak. They’re the ones who can sit through a 12-hour session and still walk away with more chips than when they started. How do they do it?

The answer is simple: they stay in shape.

While some people may think that poker pros are just born with a certain amount of luck, the truth is that they’ve spent years honing their skills by practicing and playing against other pros. And while they’ve spent a lot of time learning how to play poker well, they’ve also spent just as much time working on their mental and physical health.

Many poker pros choose to train in martial arts or yoga for this reason—both disciplines demand focus, discipline, and stamina—and these skills transfer directly into your poker game. The better shape you’re in physically, mentally, and emotionally, the easier it will be for you to stay focused during long sessions or tournaments without having those distractions affect your performance negatively!

Tips to Staying In Shape As A Poker Pro

Professional poker players are always looking for ways to stay in shape, and with good reason: the more you can keep your body moving when you’re playing, the better you’ll be able to focus on the game. Poker players, like anyone else, need to stay in shape. Here are some tips for keeping your body in check while you’re playing:

  • Eat a healthy breakfast every morning—even if it’s just a piece of fruit and some granola. Make sure you eat something every three hours, even if it’s just a protein bar or some nuts.
  • Try doing the yoga. It’s relaxing and helps keep your body flexible and healthy.
  • Get plenty of sleep—at least eight hours each night! Don’t overdo it before going to bed; otherwise, you won’t get enough restful sleep.
  • Take regular breaks from playing poker to stretch out your muscles or take a walk around the casino floor (or wherever you’re playing). It’ll help prevent muscle cramps later on.

Professional poker players are always in the spotlight. They’ve got a lot of pressure to stay in shape and look good, but with the right tips and tricks, you can do it!